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LG U880 Tech Review

LG 880 Technical Review
The LG U880 clamshell is propably one of the thinnest and lightest 3G cell phones available. The U880 is maybe no full blood music phone, but has a microSD memoery card and dedicated buttons for music control on its front cover. The music features are maybe not that good. People have been reporting slow music transfer, poor sound output and limited music player features.

LG U880 Features
The phone supports video calling, media downloads, fast internet acces, both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, a 1.3 megapixel camera (no flash), a video recorder, and an MP3 player. The internal display is large, bright and has 262k colours (176 x 220). The external display is a TFT display and with 65k colours.

Battery time is for some reviews I read indicate approximately 3 hours of talktime and 6 days of standby time as compared to the claimed 4 hours and 10 days on GSM networks. Video recording, shooting pictures and using applications reduce battery time more.

The LG U880 is available to customers in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong.
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