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Samsung SGH-i310 Music Phone With 8GB Memory

Samsung has announced that it will introduce a new 8GB SGH-i310 music phone at the 2006 CeBIT convention in Hannover this week. The Samsung SGH-i310 is an update to the 4GB Samsung SGH-i300x Music phone.

Samsung SGH-i310 Music Phone
The SGH-i310 runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and has an 8GB HDD, 2MP camera, video recording and playback, TV-output, audio playback, dual speakers w/digital amplification, A2DP stereo Bluetooth, Picsel document viewer, USB 2.0, and microSD memory card storage.

The SGH-i310 is expected to be available in Europe before the summer.

Samsung SGH-i310 Music Phone

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Posted 03/06/06 by: ringer


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